CMC - CPU Miners Coin

CMC is a coin specially developed for cpu miners by bitcore, and adopts POW+POS(compound interest), algo Curvehash, and ASICS resistant.

The profit of cpu mining is only enough for your electricity bill most of the time, so we hope to change this situation through staking mining. In CMC, 50% of the blocks are allocated to staking mining every day. The most important thing is that staking mining basically does not consume electricity. And your cmc is always in your own wallet.


2022/8/1 10:00 UTCCMC is about to be listed in exbitron, voting can start now!

2022/7/8 10:00 UTCStaking annualized rate of return: 300%+, not calculated compound interest. CJ589MxRdx6mbKHZsS4Wn6u58MJjYY49vP

2022/7/1 12:00 UTCWe have listed CMC/BTC CMC/LTC and other trading pairs in

CMC Specifications

  • Work Mechanism


  • Block time

    120 seconds

  • Total supply

    21m CMC

  • Block Reward

    1 CMC

Get started with CMC

  • 1

    Download The Wallet

  • 2

    Start mining

    • 1. First you need to get your address from the wallet
    • 2. Then it is recommended to select a mining pool from this page
    • 3. Recommended mining software
    • * As the difficulty increases, your profit may not be enough for electricity bills, you should consider switching to staking mining, which is one of the charms of CMC.
  • 3

    Start staking mining

    • 1. First add a password to your wallet
    • 2. Go to console and use this command to unlock staking mining, and keep the wallet open
      walletpassphrase YourWalletPassword 8640000 true
    • * The current block distribution is 50% for POW/POS, and POS is compounded.
    • * As the difficulty increases, it can take months for 1CMC to pay off.
  • 4

    master node

    • 1. Just open port 15995
      * There are currently no rewards, but can help with decentralization.